Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, Edition 10's my tenth Thursday Thirteen already! So, here are thirteen road trips I would like to take in the next ten years.

1. The Grand Canyon.
I would love to drive down to the Grand Canyon so I can see it with my own eyes. I'm terrified of edges and especially high edges, but I would still like to drive there and take a peek.

2. Across the states to the east coast.
I would love to drive across the United States. I took a drive across the states in 1977 through the northern states. I would like to take my next drive through some of the southern states.

3. San Francisco
I used to go to San Francisco three or more times a year. I would like to go and spend a few days visiting some of the things I haven't visited before when there.

4. Los Angeles area.
Ditto. I haven't been there since 1998. I would like to go explore some different aspects of the city. I would love to go back to Ventura. I really enjoyed that little town. Very quaint. Driving through the orange blossoms to get there was heavenly.

5. San Diego
I never got to San Diego the last time I went to Los Angeles and I would love to go to the San Diego zoo.

6. Montana
The big sky country. I would like to actually go to Montana with it as my destination. It always just seems to be a place to drive through. I would like to spend a couple of days and remember what it's like to see the Milky Way. We don't get a good view of it here. Too many lights.

7. Oklahoma
I would love to take a road trip down to Oklahoma. It's basically where I grew up. My Dad was in the Army and we were stationed there for seven years. I was 7 when we moved there and almost 14 when we left, which are the childhood years we tend to remember. I would like to see the Witchita Wildlife Refuge again and revisit Mount Scott.

(I thought it was a mountain when I was a kid. Then we moved here.)

8. Texas
I would like to drive to Texas and see where I was born, Fort Hood. I would also like to go to San Antonio and Austin. I would like to go to the coast of Texas. Maybe that would be a good trip for the fall, so it wouldn't be so hot.

9. Colorado
I would like to revisit "The Garden of the Gods". I would like to explore some of the areas around there and take a horseback ride through there.

10. Crater Lake, Oregon
I've seen it from the sky, but I'd like to drive down and see it and the National Park around it.

11. Mount Shasta, California
I've seen it from the highway. I used to tell my kids it was a "magic" mountain because it could change sides of the road. I used to tell them to watch it for me to see if they could see it move. I never got to see it because I was always driving. They would keep their eyes peeled to see if they could see it move. haha. I would like to go visit that area and Lake Shasta and spend some time exploring there.

12. Up and down the east coast.
I would like to fly to the east coast, rent a car and drive the entire coast, from one end to the other.

13. Down the west coast.
I've taken the west coast drive down Highway 101 before, but I would like to do it again. It's a beautiful drive and I would like to take some pictures now that I have digital. I would like to stop at some of the things I didn't stop at before.


Christine said...

I would love to go and drive down the whole east coast, starting in Canada. East coast Canada is fantastic.

The Invisible Mo said...

I wouldn't mind that either. I know our drive through Ontario from Niagara Falls to Detroit was beautiful and the sunset was gorgeous.

sobeit said...

I also wanted to take a trip along the east coast. One of my friends went a couple of years ago...she loved it. I was so jealous!