Sunday, July 25, 2010

Computer closed...

but only temporarily. I was having trouble getting the uploader to work correctly yesterday. My computer was arguing with me about a couple of different things, but all is well, now so here is my edited repost with ALL the pictures that I intended to show.

This spider was hiding out between the petals. I brightened the picture so he could be seen a little better.

This is the daisy in which he was hiding. Can't see him at all in this picture unless you notice the dark spot on that one upright petal.

I love this picture. I bought three versions of Black-eyed Susan and this is one of them. This is the most common one.

Same variety as the one above, but more open.

Fully opened Black-eyed Susan.

One of the other two varieties of Black-eyed Susan. This one doesn't have a black eye at all, even after it is done opening fully.

I'm not sure which type of daisy this is, but it is in the huge mixed basket I bought.

Just a different angle.

I can't wait to see these when they are fully opened. I've never seen this particular variety of Black-eyed Susan before.

This is the same as above. This variety does have the black eye, but the petals are a different color. I love the way they are curled up at the center before they open.

Zucchini blossom.

Dianthus. This variety is called "Brilliant Star". I love all Dianthus. Carnations are really one of my all time favorites for flowers.


Sue said...

Amazing pictures!!

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Sue. I think you are the only one reading my blog, these days! LOL. You should write more! It won't be long until I'm there!