Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July is half over in a couple of days...

and I still have my June NaBloPoMo badge up on my blog site. Maybe when I'm done with this blog I will change it to the July badge. Yesterday morning I looked out the window while doing the dishes, and noticed a new bush. Sadly, what looked like a new bush, was actually the top of my little vine maple. It had fallen over. It is actually only a section of it, but it was the biggest section. Vine maples tend to be completely volunteer as trees are concerned, but I still liked it. I should have taken a photo of it today so I could attach it to this blog, but I didn't. I had a busy day and didn't even pick up my camera. I will try to correct that tomorrow.

I had a great day. I got a lot done. I finally took my new mattress out of it's box and put it on the bed. I cleaned out the drawers to my night stand. I sorted stuff in the sewing room and emptied three boxes. I'm making good progress on things in the house. I'm enjoying having the kids here and so far it is going pretty well. I got to take the baby out for a stroll this evening and that was a treat. It's been sort of tradition for me to walk my grandkids around the block and visit with a couple of neighbors who have been here for a long time. My neighbor, Faye, drove by while we were walking and then joined us for the remainder of our walk. We did a few laps around the blocks together and caught up on neighborhood and community news. I'm going to go over to her house in the morning for coffee and to see her grandkids. I haven't seen Ben in a long time and I haven't seen Chloe at all, so it should be a treat. I'm so glad the weather finally turned. It's nice to be out and about and visit with neighbors. On my next walk I hope to see my neighbor, Sally. I've seen her in passing, but not had time to stop and actually catch up on news.

The boys and I watched one of my favorite old movies tonight (Boy's Night Out) and now I am watching another one (A New Leaf). I still have several movies to look up online. I'm amazed at what I have to pay to get some of my favorite movies on VHS. They aren't even available on DVD. I do plan on putting them on DVD, though. If for nothing else it will help preserve them because VHS is still a form of film and film deteriorates. I've been very lucky with the VHS copies that I've purchased so far. They are in nearly perfect condition!

Well, that's enough rambling for today. I will leave you with a couple more of my macros from yesterday. I had time today to do some photo editing. I'm going to try to do a little each day. I still need to get them all on my external hard drive and work from there so I only have to edit once. It's annoying when I edit on one computer and then want to use the pictures from a different computer and realize they are not there! If they are all on the external drive, I can use them on whichever computer I'm on. A couple of these might be cropped versions of yesterday's photos.

Seed pod <1/2 and inch

The tiny little seed pod of a tiny little dandelion.

The amazing part of this picture is how many teeny, tiny bugs are on this plant section.

This grass is also full of teeny, tiny insects.

Teeny, tiny seedpods.

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