Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Sons Are Rednecks

My sons have been trying to talk me into getting a swimming pool. I really don't want a pool, at least not one of those big ones that you put up and leave up all summer. They are just too big and all I see is liability since my yard is no longer fenced. I have five huge douglas fir trees, a very high weeping birch, a huge maple, a vine maple, a huge blue spruce and a less huge fir tree out front. Where in the heck can I put a pool where it won't be filled with leaves and needles. So, the short story is...I don't want a pool.

My boys watch too much Red/Green Show. Here is their pool.

Tarp spread in truck bed and being filled with water.

Yes, it looks like the truck is parked in the tree.

Waiting for it to fill.

Ankle deep and filling! haha....they are so crazy!


Sue said...

That is hilarious! but I''l bet it was cool!
Jen & Kelly made their own pool in our old gazebo. With pails and big logs around the outside edge and then the tarp thing. I wish i had taken pictures. Maybe they did. I'll have to check.

The Invisible Mo said...

Kids are so funny. And so innovative!