Thursday, July 08, 2010

Things my kids made.

I did this once before in my other blog, but this is a shorter version. I love children's art work. Maybe I will show off some drawings that I've saved later in the month.
Since the theme is saved:

Clay bowl by Sean. Some of the tentacles came off.

Three little almost pigs. One is missing his snout, one is missing
an ear, and one isn't really a pig and not made by one of my
children, but I love it anyway.

This one was contributed by a grandchild.

David's pencil can. I've been meaning to replace the missing eye,
but it's obviously not a huge priority. I could kill whoever tried their
pen on it, but the culprit never 'fessed up.

I love this little booklet and picture story of our family. I especially love the yarn hair on each of us. David and Jack really were blond when Jeren made this, although neither is blond anymore. I love how he is separate from the rest of the kids. He was the youngest and, because of the 4 year gap, spent a lot of time alone while they were in school.

A few of the clay things. A trivet by Keri. A tow truck, camera and pickup truck by Sean.

Clown by Sean

I love this little man made by Laurie. I like that he looks like a piece of folk art. He usually hangs on the wall by the computer or in my sewing area.

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