Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The door.

I wanted to replace the back door yesterday. I didn't. I set my sights on today, instead. Of course, I had to make a trip to Home Depot. I wanted to know if "door shims" were different than the basic cedar shingle shims I usually use. I have a whole pile of cedar shingles that can be used for shims. They came off my garage roof. They are brown instead of "brand new wood" white, but they are cedar. They are brown because they are used.
A trip to Home Depot is always a treat for me. I could live there. Just make me a bed in the back of the lumber department. I love the smell of lumber. I love hardware, lumber and gadgets. I hope they have a Home Depot in heaven.
This means a trip to home depot is never short. I found the shims right away. They are exactly what I have lying in my patio minus the brown/black color and nails. No need to buy what I already have. I did find some composite ones, though, so I thought I would try them. A pack was only 1.76.
I also needed peat moss. They have this new stuff made from coconuts. It comes compressed in a package the size of an old children's phonograph. You can break off a chunk and put it in your wheelbarrow and water it and it expands and becomes a substance so much like peat moss, that you can hardly tell the difference. I bought both kinds. One kind is a soil amendment, which is what I actually wanted. The other kind is what you put on top of the soil after you are done planting. I'm going to give it a try and see what I think. I picked up a new bag of potting soil while I was there so I can plant the flowers I bought. I wasn't going to buy flowers this year. I have so much to do in my yard already. I'm a sucker for flowers, though, and these were all perennials that were on sale for 3 for 9.99.
Saying all that to say that I never really got the door done today. I got home and had to hunt for the hammer. Then I had to hunt for the screwdriver. Then I had to find the charger and put my battery powered drill on to charge. End of project. I did manage to remove most of the screws holding in the screen door. I also took off the piece of molding that was attached to the inside jamb and removed the door. Now I will have to go and put the door back so I can leave. Becky and I are going on a photo shoot. Maybe I will do the door tomorrow.

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