Saturday, January 08, 2011


Friends is the theme this month and I've been thinking how nice it is to have friends and how sometimes it's kind of like the tide. The friendships ebb and flow over time. I have had friends that were actually great friends even though we saw each other very seldom. Sometimes our schedules were just opposite, or sometimes there were other extenuating factors that made it difficult to actually get together, but when we did finally find the time to reach out to one another it was like no time at all had passed since we last saw each other. Sometimes you spend so much time with one friend and don't have any time for another.Sometimes you have a couple of friends with whom you get together and spend time many times over the course of a year as a group. Friendships come in all sizes, shapes and colors and hundreds of configurations. There is just no one way to define friendship.

I've come to learn that friendship survives these kind of things if you and the other person truly have an understanding and a strong bond of some kind. I've also learned that some people cannot handle friendship that is not exclusive and 24/7. I, myself, prefer the friendships that are tested over time and remain strong with or without actually spending tons of time together. 24/7 friendships tend to wear me out and I've found that many of the people who want that type of friendship have issues if another friend needs your time or things happen in your life that cause you to be unavailable to them. I've also found that those who want a 24/7 style of friendship are often not true friends. I'm not sure why that is, but it has proven true to me more times than once.

I didn't really have a direction with this blog. I just was thinking about the subject at hand because the blogs I've written so far this month have very little to do with friends per se. They have been picture blogs about things that I saw one day on a trip out with a friend, just not anything about friendship in general. I think I will try to find some good stuff about friendships and some philosophical sayings and post a few blogs about what makes friendships special. Maybe I can even tie it into some of my best friendships and give some kudos to the folks I call friends, whether we have met in real life or only on the internet and what makes them special to me. I will try to start tomorrow, but maybe not until Monday. Tomorrow is supposed to be my LAST lazy day of the lazy streak I've been having. So I just might need to take full advantage of it and be VERY LAZY because Monday I am going to turn into a whirling dervish! That's just how I roll!

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