Saturday, January 01, 2011

January, 2011. Wow.

I've decided to do the January NaBloPoMo monthly blogging. The theme for this month is "Friends". I have decided I will start with photos of my trip out last Wednesday with my friend, Becky, and my grandson, Logan. We had a really nice time. It was a beautiful sunny day with snow on the ground.
First, we visited a little wildlife preserve. It was Winterfest at Morse Wildlife Preserve. I had never heard of the Morse Wildlife Preserve in Graham, but it is a nice little place. They took us on a comfortably paced, guided walk through their property. We identified plants and birds and just enjoyed the lovely day. Logan was able to make himself an owl mask in the little barn before we went on our walk. They have a nice little look-out tower, easy to climb the stairs and with a beautiful view of the surrounding land. Here are some of the pictures. Tomorrow I will post the pictures from our Northwest Trek excursion.

Ready to glue.

Watching the helper take the lid off his glue.

The finished product.

Gorgeous day with a gorgeous view.

Posing for Grandma.

Snowy bushes.

This tree lost its battle with nature.

From the tower showing the neighboring property..

One of the ponds formed during the wet season in the wetlands.

Logan looking around from the tower.

The barn where they had the crafts and informative materials. They had hides from several animals, a owl that was preserved through taxidermy and many pamphlets and pictures, plus hot cocoa!

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