Thursday, January 06, 2011


Today's blog is brought to you by tiredness, laziness, procrastination and BLAH!
How about a couple of pictures of ice on a stem or two.

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow will be more interesting. I promise.


mental mosaic said...

Love those photos!

Of all you listed at the beginning, I particularly dislike BLAH, I must say. Hope it blows away for you asap!

I would hardly call you a procrastinator or lazy, and I'm sure your other readers would agree! :)


The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Tui. I think it's because I know I'm taking five days off and figuring I can go full blast during that time. I will have my grandson's on that weekend and I always get a lot done while they are here because they take over my computers! haha.
Also, I am on my feet a lot more when they are here because I stay busy cooking and taking care of things they want or need! I so enjoy all that. I sometimes miss being a stay-at-home mom and when they are here it's like revisiting it.