Monday, January 03, 2011

Winter Day Excursion, part 3

We got to see lots of animals on our trip to Northwest Trek last week, but I think this one was my favorite. He is a Giant Pacific Salamander. I found him to be so cute I had to laugh. Something about the little face with his sucked in lips which make him look like he forgot to put his teeth in just cracked me up. Plus, you have to love the pink gills which make it look like he's wearing a boa and those startling blue eyes!.

Logan had a super good time and made some friends. Here are some pictures of Logan enjoying himself at the different centers and on the tram.

He is running to get another puppet and almost ran into the other grandma that was there.

Enjoying the snake. I'm so glad he missed the part where the snake swallowed a live mouse that was in the tank. I'm glad I missed that, too.

Making a wreath.

We told him the tram was a 'train' that was on wheels instead of a track. He bought our story and enjoyed his ride on the 'train'.

A preview for tomorrow's blog:

This is the dominant elk in the elk herd. The big animals were all right up next to us, even blocking the road while we drove through.

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