Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Winter Day Excursion, part 4

We got to see a lot of animals. I didn't get good pictures of the mountain goats or the bighorn sheep. We didn't get to see the caribou herd because the upper roads were too icy to travel. It was a fun day, though and Logan really enjoyed seeing the animals.

These two bulls are from the first herd of elk we saw.

The bison were on the roadway so we had to wait while they dispersed.

Then they were right next to the tram.

This is the dominant male elk. His antlers are all broken and chipped from the clashes to prove his dominance.

The herd crossing the road in front of us. They were also blocking our way at first.

Someone's lost antlers.

The moose were hard to get on film. They just wouldn't cooperate and give me good angles. Here is the bull moose.

Here is the one female that didn't turn her back on me completely.


Christine said...

That looks like a lot of winter fun. Love the pics of the clouds and that elk looks really mad. Wonder what would have happened if somebody got mad enough and decided to trash the tram?


Christine said...

O.K. that eld looks not only mad but looks like he is saying a very bad work that I can't write down.

outedora: lol you guys were enjoying the great outedora!

Christine said...

That is an elk not an eld. Anybody knows that.

shlycle: some kind of a mixed up icicle or Popsicle or something or other.

The Invisible Mo said...

You are cracking me up. Now I have to go see which elk looks mad. LOL...the captchas were entertaining as usual.