Saturday, June 19, 2010


Ok...even I am getting tired of our current weather pattern. I keep forgetting it is nearly summer. Our long days are being wasted on stuff you can only do if it's raining instead of stuff that is good to do when it is dry. Very annoying, to say the least. I'm a Washingtonian and I normally love the rain, but this is just too much. I wanted to be way more productive this summer. I need to grade the dog's yard with a bobcat and need dry weather to accomplish that. I need to take things to the dump and want dry weather to do that. I want to sell and give away things on Craig's list and want dry weather for that. I don't care if it's cloudy, but does it really need to rain this much? Is this the fault of the volcanoes that spewed this past year? Is it just natural because we live in a rainforest area? Will we be regretting complaining once it does ever get warm because it will get way too hot?
These are the questions that have no answers.
Or answers I might not want to hear. Or answers that really don't matter. All I know is that I am ready for some sunny weather with some blue skies that last more than a day.

Not like this.

Like this.


Christine said...

Yup, all it does is rain here too. Maybe it is from the volcanoes! I am watching the deck rot away. I am thinking that I will not go camping in July. all the campgrounds will be is swamps and mosquitoes. Who needs that. Instead I am plotting on how I can manage to go with Glen and Becky on their holiday to Alberta.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...plot away! Sounds like fun. Our weather has been nice the last few days. My days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please cross your fingers and toes that it will still be nice for my days off.
The kids moved in today, so I have a house full of people and it's pushing me to get things done, one way or the other. The floor in my bedroom is fighting me with every board, but it is half done. They have their stuff in there, but won't be unpacking it until a few days from now. It's exciting to have Daelin here. Have you seen him shake his booty. I have the video on my Facebook. Go take a peek!