Saturday, June 12, 2010

Since the subject is "now"...

here are today's macro shots. We actually have sun and warm weather! It's a miracle.
I was trying to get a bee hovering, but these bees were so fast that even with continuous shooting I kept missing them. I had to quit because they started getting too close to me after awhile. I was shooting through the lens finder instead of by using the LCD display. I get better control actually looking through the lens finder.

Not a very clear picture, but you can see the bee is loaded with pollen.

Gathering the pollen.

I did catch one hovering, but it is blurry. I need a clear one.

I was trying to get a view where you could see all the pollen on his butt.

Hello grandma! Whatcha doing?

Blowing spit bubbles.

Mini Iris.

Mini iris again.

Stamen and pistil in the rhody bloom.

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