Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's macros

I have this rhody bush out front. I moved it there from over by the house when I first moved back to this house.

It didn't bloom for several years after I moved it because I trimmed it back. For some reason, every year since then, I think it doesn't bloom, and then, every year, I remember that it has a very small flower and doesn't make the big clusters like all my other rhody bushes. I go look and sure enough it has bloomed. I just don't notice it because the blooms blend into the bush.
I love the little white blooms on this bush. It's amazing to me that they start out this really deep reddish pink and as they grow and open they turn white with no hint of pink or red. I also included a few pictures of my buttercups, which are running rampant in my yard. If you're sick of macro photography, you should leave now!

Very pink buds.

As they begin to evolve to white.

Starting to really open.

Initial blooms still have a brushing of pink.

Almost completely white, now.

I had to get the stamens and pistil.

The Buttercups. (Ranunculus)
Not quite all the way open, yet.

The seed that is left after the bloom expires.

A seed and a bud.

Fully open buttercup.

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