Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I don't like any of the prompts that they have shown so far. The prompt for today is something about being given a million dollars that you can't spend for yourself and can't give to a friend and what you would do with it. I don't want to think that hard today. I am tired and have to work overtime tonight and thinking of an answer to that seems like work.

Ok...Let me go dig up some older photos in my collection. How about Isaac sleeping. I may have done this before, but I can't remember. Isn't it funny how kids can just fall asleep anywhere doing anything? Not all of these pictures are photographically wonderful and/or taken by me.

In his recliner.

Who needs covers and a pillow?

On the park bench when I was using it for a "couch".

This is actually a zoomed out version of the first one where he is in the recliner. This shows that he actually fell asleep while eating his lunch.

He was playing in the box and next thing you know he was out like a light!

He used to like to take his naps in his little recliner.

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Sue said...

Love that little recliner! My favorite is when he falls asleep in the Cardboard box. What a cute little guy!