Friday, June 04, 2010

The weather needs to change NOW!

This is one of last year's downpours, but they all look about the same.

I am officially sick of the weather and I seldom get sick of the cloudy, rainy weather that makes up a good portion of our weather patterns here in the great Northwest. This year, however, it is over the top. I am so sick of the wetness. I have so much to do that involves five or six dry days in a row. I can't mow my lawn. I can't dig in my flower beds. I can't put the dirt and plants back that I dug out of my flower bed. I can't finish the gravel. I can't get the paint out of the garage, mix it with kitty litter, and leave it to dry so I can throw it away. I can't get the junk out of the garage and put it on Craig's list or take it to the dump. I can't finish moving things around in my kitchen,, because that involved leaving some cabinets sitting outside for more than a minute.
So many things that I CAN'T do. It's time to look for more things that I can do, but it's difficult to motivate myself when the things I want to do hinge on the things I can't do. I am going to try and get myself into a sewing mood. I have tons of things that need to be finished, or mended, or made. I just haven't felt the creative bug. I need to go in and get started in there. I am going to force myself. I know once I start it will give me the sewing bug.
I will post pictures of the things I do. That will be my motivation to get things done.
So there you have it. Once I get really, really involved in the sewing projects and don't want to be torn away from them, the weather will change. Then I will have to force myself to stop sewing and go do outdoor stuff. As it is, I think I need to learn to drop everything the minute I see it stop raining and run outside and see what I can do in the half-dry mode for the twelve nano-seconds that it is not dropping things from the sky. Right now I need to go jump in the shower. And not the one that is about to pelt us from the sky. It's looking dark and ugly, so I'm sure by the time I am done getting ready for work it will be a downpour, forcing me to ride the shuttle instead of walking in to work from the parking lot. Dang weather!

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