Sunday, June 06, 2010

Now it is raining again...

I guess we only get one day of sunshine every other week this year. So tired of waiting and waiting to have a few nice days in a row. When I was younger I didn't let the rain stop me from doing things. I just put on my boots and went out and got the things done that I could do. Now that I am older it just doesn't seem inviting anymore. I remember when I used to walk five miles a day, six days a week. It didn't matter what the weather was like. The only weather that could make me skip my walks was snow on the ground, because it was too hard to get any traction.
I have been editing and organizing photos. I have been cleaning up things inside. I have been wasting time on the computer playing games. All this is fun and good, but what I really want to do is get started on my outdoor stuff. We did get the straw bales set last night. They are a little angled across the spot they are sitting, but they are there. The rain helps me with this project because I am supposed to soak them for about a week before planting them. I will go buy my plants later this week so that I can plant them next weekend.
I ordered a new camera today. It is not a DSLR. I really want one of those, but decided to upgrade my Fujifilm first. I love my Fuji camera and now I'm getting one with even better features. It actually has a "smile detector" and waits to shoot until the smile is detected. This should be great for the Logan and Daelin, who both try to thwart my attempts at pictures of smiling children and babies! I'm so excited. It should be here in a week. That means I can give my current camera to Keri. I can get a new door for the camera I already gave her and fix it. I can then give that one to David and Nikki. Jeren is disappointed because he wanted my camera, but I want Keri and David to be able to take pics of their kids. I told Jeren I would look for one for him. I think I can pick one up from ebay at a reasonable price and that can be his birthday present.
I was going through pictures and forgot about these ones of Logan at last year's BBQ. Maybe one of these days summer will come and we can have another BBQ.

This one is not at the BBQ, but I thought it was funny. He was wearing my plastic bowls as a hat.

Trying to start the tractor.

Chasing the kitty!

Smart kitty ran behind the fence.

Caging the marshmallow.

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