Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah, yes, Saturday.

I didn't go to breakfast this morning as my friend went to her granddaughters's gymnastic meet. It was a nice lazy morning in bed, something I like to do now and then. The weather has turned mild. Extremely wet, but mild. I'm happy with that until I find a furnace because it will help my electric bill not be so extremely high.

I heard on the radio today that there is a new furnace that is similar to the new hybrid cars. It uses both electriciy and gas. I'm not sure how it determines it, but I guess it uses whichever energy source is the least expensive, switching back and forth on its own to save you money. It was a commercial, so it didn't go into detail, but I just wonder how the furnace knows the price of electricity or gas?
hmmmm....might have to read up on that.

Cheryl and I are going to lunch, instead of breakfast, so I need to go get ready.
Not an exciting blog, really, but just what I was thinking about.

I leave you with this:

See the little chicken thingy by the fence. I want one. I have no idea who made it. It is made of metal piping. On top there is the chicken and there are little chicks on either side of her that you can barely see. There are wind-chime type pipes hanging in that space right under her and then chains (like from dog chains) hanging like a curtain, in the lower part, like you could walk through them. At the bottom of the pole structures are chicken feet, also made from metal and painted yellow with red ankles.
I love this thing and I am going to try to reproduce it this summer.

Have a great Saturday.

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