Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Quick

A quick Saturday blog because I'm not going to be back home today.

I've been teaching my five month old grandson to say "Hey!"

He said it accidentally one day and I decided to keep him saying it, by repeating it each time he said it. So far he is doing really well, although when he thinks and tries to say it he has a hard time modulating his voice. It comes out a little high-pitched. But he says it every time in response to me asking.

He has the idea.

He just has to modulate his voice to deepen it a little.

It's very cute.

His parents were amazed.

I keep trying to remind my daughter that she started words at seven months, as did my oldest son.

The rest were normal.

Well, except David. He said "hi" accidentally at three months so I taught him "hi".

He started using it appropriately about 5 months. haha. It was so cute and people were always taken aback by it. That was his only word, though, until around nine months when he started saying mama and dada, as per normal.


Christine said...

Hey cutesy!

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks. He is sitting in one of the old toy tubs. He can't quite sit yet and that way he is supported. I just shove it up against the couch! He's a fun baby!