Friday, February 15, 2008

The ways of the world, 21st century style.

I know things were different when I grew up, but I still think that it would be nice if people would use some manners in their everyday life. Saying whatever you think is becoming such a disease in this country and many others, too. I understand the whole freedom of speech issue to an extent, but come on now. Did our forefathers ever foresee it being interpreted to mean that anyone can just say whatever rude thing they want to say to whomever they wish to say it? I sincerely doubt it was ever meant to go this far. It had to do with being able to express a different viewpoint than the government without fear of imprisonment. It did not mean that we could all become rude and mean to each other, not caring about what effect we might be having on someone else's life. I don't understand mouthing off and being proud of being a rude jerk. I don't understand littering. I don't understand not helping out a person who clearly needs a hand and I don't understand "ME FIRST!" at all costs.
A couple of examples:

Example 1.
The other night I drove my son to Best Buy. I saw a person get in their car to leave. (or so I thought). I put on my blinker and pulled over to allow room for anyone not wanting to wait behind me. I thought it would be nice to be parked where it would be easy for my son to find the car since I had already dropped him off at the door. I was tired and wanted to wait in the car.
This was a parking place right in the front area. I was waiting for the parking place when two boys walked past my car. These were boys in their twenties. As they passed my vehicle the one boy said, loudly, to be sure I heard him, "Is there some reason you are sitting there holding up traffic, fat ass!?" Then he and his friend laughed loudly, all proud of themselves for their clever comment.
I was completely shocked. It didn't make me mad or hurt my feelings as much as it made me sad for their stupidity. After all, I doubt he could even see me because he never looked my way while he was actually passing my car and from the back it would have been difficult to see me as my windows are tinted.
I had left plenty of room for anyone wanting to pass and there was just no reason for him to be rude. I wanted to go find him in the store and ask him if he had a mother or a grandmother or a sister. I wonder how he would like one of his female relatives to be addressed in that manner. I still think about how proud he was of that comment. I still think about his mom and how she would feel knowing that is how he treats complete strangers. Then I wonder how he treats her.

Example 2.
They didn't have the product he wanted at that store, so we went to another one in our area across town. My legs weren't hurting as bad so I went in with him to look around while he bought his computer. After we made our purchases, we got in the car to go home. On our way home there are two gas stations that are always having price wars and I try to get gas there whenever I'm in the area, so I stopped for gas.
There is a garbage can at the end of the pump island. We pulled up and there were two McDonald's bags lying on the ground next to the pump. It wasn't five feet from them to the garbage can. I picked them up and put them in the garbage.
Come on people! Five feet. Two steps and drop the bags into the garbage can or no steps and drop it on the ground. I just get so disgusted sometimes at the stupidity that is going on in the world. The lack of conscience toward others and the lack of conscience towards our earth in general just amazes me.

I just don't understand how people think sometimes. I work at one of the few places that still allows smoking inside the premises. I see these smokers drop their cigarettes on the floor (carpeting) and smash it out with their foot. What? Do they do this in their own homes?

Is everyone devoid of conscientious thinking these days?


Christine said...

Yes, sometimes I just shake my head at the meaness that I witness. Sometimes I am amazed at the random kindness that I also see. The other day we were looking for a parking spot close to the door of the grocery store and all the handicapped spots were taken. (John still tires quickly) A young lady had reached the available spot well before us and had a perfect right to the spot. She waved us into the spot with a smile. She had no idea that we needed this spot and really...we do not look that old. She then proceeded to go and park at the far side of the parking lot. Her kindness just made my day.

The Invisible Mo said...

It's much better to concentrate on the random kindness! I see a lot of that, too!
It reminds me of that saying, "It doesn't cost anything to give away a smile."