Monday, February 04, 2008

Mundane Monday McBlog

It's a mundane Monday, although for me it's really Thursday. I didn't get the baby today and thought I would get a lot done, but instead I fell asleep at the computer and took a nap. This is really ok, because I truly suck at getting enough sleep, and must have needed the rest, but naps make me very groggy and it's hard to restart once I wake up.
Hey! I got the birds fed and watered, the kitchen floor swept and a load of clothes in the washer. I emptied two boxes and a bin and straightened the dirty dishes and filled them with water to wash before I go to work.
But I HAVE to write my blog. I haven't missed a day, yet, and really don't plan to miss any. I like this daily blogging thing and I'm much happier now that I'm not letting myself feel disappointed about the Blog 365 community thing. I didn't realize that there were blogging snobs, too. People are so weird.
I can hardly wait for my income tax to get here. I WANT a new camera so much, but I have decided that it is not going to be my priority. Some of the projects around my house are hinging on getting the storage space I need for the bathroom and kitchen. When I remodeled my bathroom I took out the big (stupid) closet that was in there and replaced it with... NOTHING. Therefore I have bins of stuff sitting in my bedroom that belong in the bathroom. So I am going to get the bottom and top bathroom cabinets to replace that closet, plus a nice tall shelf (called an etagere, but I don't have the thing to put the accent over the last e) to put in the space where the closet used to be located. It will have two drawers at the bottom and three shelves and should look lovely, plus it will hold the ROLLED towels and some knick knacks and frames.
Framed pictures in the bathroom? yes. That is where I put the pictures I took of my babies naked on a blanket and they look cute in the bathroom. I have seashells and rocks in there, also. Very nice. I like it. I'm going to add a few pictures of the kids at the beach. I am very happy with how it's turning out. I might even post pics when I am completely done.
Taken with my OLD camera, of course!
I am also going to finish the gravel in the driveway, which is only half graveled after Glenn bulldozed it for me last summer. Yay! much nicer than mud.
And, finally, I am going to get two little kitchen pantries to replace the one humongous cabinet I bought when I couldn't find the little pantries anywhere last year. Then I can finish the storage issues in the kitchen that keep it cluttered and things not where they belong. I can't wait.
So, maybe not a new camera, but Kmart still has layaway, so I think I will go put one on layaway and then I can have my cake and eat it, too!
So, without further adieu, I guess I better go wash the dishes and get in the shower to get ready for work.
Have a great Monday, everyone! I'm going to go have a great Thursday at work!

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