Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday chillin'

I'm tired today and was taking it easy when I got called to see if I would go to work. I thought I should come write my blog first and realized that once again I forgot to "publish" my post from yesterday. I'm not sure how I keep doing this, but it must have something to do with my previewing it. I like to check my work before I post it. Maybe I am absentmindedly picking "save now" instead of "publish post".

Well, I have to go to work early, so I can't write a lot, so I will give you some more pictures. It's like "Wordless Wednesday" all week long.

Here you go:

A blast from the past:
Jeren and Mikaila in Ventura in 2001. (he was 12 and she was 5)
We had a lot of fun there.

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Lara Angelina said...

As I stare at more snow out my window and struggle with cabin fever, your pictures are such a relief! I know things will be green again and the sun is out there somewhere!
Cute pictures!