Monday, February 18, 2008

Mundane Monday McBlog #3

Trenton's first day back from Alaska, here at the house with Isaac.

Yes, it's another mundane Monday. I'm tired and in pain and trying to move myself through the day, anyway.

Self-censored version.
1. My son, Sean, who I haven't seen in ages, called me yesterday. Seems the grandkids have had all they can take and my young grandson had a complete meltdown yesterday because he hasn't been able to see me or my other grandson, Isaac. Sean wanted to know if I would get Isaac and come up to dinner. I will do that on Wednesday. It's hard to get together when we work different shifts and Isaac and his family don't live here in my house anymore, so he is not always readily available. I will be really glad to see the kids. It's been a long time and Isaac and I are excited to go.

They live in Seattle, now, but they lived two years in Alaska, moving there when Trenton was only two. My granddaughter had lived there with her other Grandmother for a long time, but wanted to come live with my son and her mom and baby brother. They wanted to make the transition easy. Up in Alaska they lived in Seldovia, a town of 300, accessible only by boat or plane. The school is a modern rendition of the one-room school house. Grades are often combined and graduating classes are below ten kids. Trenton and Jackie went to school in the same school even though she was in junior high and he was in pre-school. Now he is in first grade and she is in high school.

They were able to find a K-12 school here so that the kids could still go to the same school, like when they were in Alaska. It's a public school, but run much like a private school. The kids seem happy there. I have missed being part of their everyday lives, like I was before they moved to Alaska. Even though Jackie lived in Alaska for much of my son's relationship with her mom, she was here in Washington every summer. They lived in Everett, up north from here, but she and Trenton spent a large part of their summer visiting here for the weekends. Before Trenton was born, I even took her to California with me one summer when I went to take my other grandkids home. She is not my son's child, but she's part of the family.
I'm excited to finally get to go spend some time with them.

2. My knee has had a complete blow-out. It hurts like the dickens. I have a high pain threshold and I'm ready to do some screaming. ok...not really. But man, it hurts.

My son and his family when Trenton was born. They were lucky to have him in the summer, so Jackie could be here.

Sink shower.

Hiding under a bowl.

With Jackie on the trampoline.

Jumping with Uncle Jeren.


Christine said...

I will cross my fingers and hope everything goes well. Take care of that knee.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thank you, Christine. I will let you know. My knee is a little better tonight. I'm hoping by morning it will have completely straightened itself out.

Lara Angelina said...

I hope things are going better for you - you've got alot of things going on with family and yourself! take care and take it easy!