Sunday, February 07, 2010

10 Reasons I Procrastinate.

This has nothing to do with ties unless you count the fact that my procrastination today is what ties it to the theme because I resurrected it from my other blog. I wrote it a long time ago, but it still fits today, although I'm working on the procrastination issue. Today I was busy getting some other stuff done and really didn't have time to write a full blog, so really that is the only thing I procrastinated today and it was because I was busy. It has been a great help to me to finally get some new tools and items to help me along in my goals. The rake in this picture didn't break, but I did lend it to my neighbor and never got it back, so I bought a new rake plus a shovel. The gravel is coming along nicely. I try to do a little each time I can get outside. Today it was too wet, but I got a lot done in the house.

Yes, I love procrastination. sooooooooooo....

Here goes!

1. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

2. I don't know where the (hammer, nail, screwdriver, level, tape, saw, etc) is.

3. Doing "job B" requires finishing "job A". See number 2.

4. There is so much to do, I don't know where to start, so I sit down to think about it.

5. I own a computer. Wonderful, yet the best time waster there is.

6. I can't decide between two courses of action, so I take the third course and do nothing.

7. Heading to do the planned project, I get distracted and start doing something else and then forget what I was going to do.

8. It's too nice a day to stay inside and complete (insert any project here)

9. Finishing job A means I will have to start job B.

10. Because I'm really good at it and I can!


Sue said...

# 3 is so totally my life right now!

The Invisible Mo said...
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The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, mine too! Although I'm making more progress finally and actually starting to feel like I might get somewhere with my goals for my yard and house this year.