Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fairy dress.

Cheryl and I got a late start today for breakfast and went to lunch instead, so I don't have time to compose anything too involved. The theme this month is ties which I don't have, but I do have these two pictures of the Fairy costume I made for Mikaila when she was little and it is made of (expensive) ribbons, among other things and you can tie ribbons into bows. So I guess that is close enough! haha.
As a side note:
Mikaila used to love to dress up. She loved silky fabrics and when I would take her to the fabric store she would pet all the silky fabrics and beg me to buy them for her. I did occasionally buy remnants for her. I hate sewing on silkies so I would make a cotton yoke and attach the silky to it and we were both happy. She only wore them around the house anyway and when she tired of them I just cut them apart and put the silky away and attached a new one. She loved to dress up, which is why I decided to make two of these lovely Fairy dresses, one for her and one for Rhyan. (I will try to find the pics of Rhyan in hers and post those on another day.) Mikaila loved this dress, but she told me in the most sincere voice a three year old could muster, "I can't wear this dress, Grandma, because it isn't real clothes."
She did like to go look at it everyday, though, and pet it. Kids are so weird! LOL.
Excuse the poor picture quality. They didn't scan well on my old scanner and I haven't scanned them on the new one, yet. They are just snapshots, anyway. I obviously didn't try for an uncluttered background and such. It's my mom there on the phone. haha


Sue said...

What a great idea! My little dancing princess Chloe would love something like that

Stacy said...

Oh, she's just adorable! And you made that dress? It's gorgeous.

Found you through NaBloPoMo.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Sue. The one I made for Rhyan would probably fit her, but I don't have it. What size is she?

Thanks Stacy. Can you believe that little fairy girl is 14 now. And yes, I made it. I love to sew. Nice to meet you!.