Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Why oh Why?

Why did I sign up for another month of posting every day. I like the challenge because it forces me to think up things to write about and helps me keep writing which I love. I hate the fact that I sometimes get busy with my day and forget to think about my blog and so I don't have any material ready to use. Today is one of those days, although it wasn't a particularly productive day. I was just busy doing nothing for most of the day.
I want to figure out a way to get Facebook to give me back the ability to quickly access all my Farmville or Cafe World updates in one section. I miss being able to just view and click on the ones I want to use without having to wade through all my updates. I miss being able to just get the updates separately so that I could read and comment quickly. When I get home at night I like to browse around and comment and play my games, but I like to get the updates and do all the "work" of facebook right away so if I get sleepy I have what I want. This is especially true because some of the updates expire. I wish they would give us more control over our pages and how we interact with the information on them. I miss the way Myspace worked with friends and such. I still have my Myspace, but most people don't use theirs anymore so it's just not the same.
This in no way goes along with the theme, ties, but at least I have the word in my blog, which was one of my goals for this month's theme.
Ok...going to go get ready for my Friday.


Sue said...

you could have titled it "Fit to be Tied"

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL....good one, Sue!