Monday, February 08, 2010

Beautiful day.

It's a beautiful day here. Warm and sunny and nice and could easily give you spring fever. This in no way ties to the theme and it's pretty much all I have. I went to Kmart and put a RED microwave on layaway, along with pots and pans to go with my new stove. I looked at dishes and some other stuff. I bought a little lamp and a clock for my bedroom.
You have to love the fact that your electrical wiring now tells time. The new clocks set themselves just by you plugging them into the wall. Things are so smart these days! Now maybe I can get up a little earlier because I can see the time. This room is like a sleep chamber. Seriously. So dark and quiet.
Ok...need to go to work. I will look for some themed stuff tomorrow. I just didn't have time today. Wanted to shovel gravel and sweep the porch and Kmart takes a lot of time, you know.

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