Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ties that bind.

I got my new stove today! It was pretty exciting.
They parked the truck out on the road and pulled the stoves out right there. (mine and my mom's).
I watched as they very quickly sliced open the boxes, ripped off the corner protectors and tape and set about cleaning out and off all the packing materials. They quickly loosened the back, hooked up the pigtails and tightened them back up. They cleaned up as they went, throwing all the packing materials back into the truck. I saw one of them get the dolly and went and opened the back door. To my surprise he put the dolly back down and jumped out of the truck with a nylon strap that looked somewhat like a tow strap to me.
The other guy came around and they each took one end of the strap and quickly threw their shoulders into them. One had it on his right shoulder and one on his left. Next thing I knew they lifted up the stove that was coming to my house and put the middle of the strap under it and lifted up and started walking toward the house. There they were, tied together with the stove in the middle walking into the house and presto!
It was so slick and easy and hardly any maneuvering. They fit right through the door. It was easy as pie for them to walk up the stairs with the stove suspended between them. I didn't have to take the door off. There was no bulky dolly in the way while they installed the stove and it took very little time compared to working a dolly across my yard and driveway (which is gravel) and up the porch steps and up the step into the doorway to get through the door.
What will they think of next. When I went online to see if I could get a picture I found that there are two systems like this. One is the Shoulder Dolly, which is the one my delivery men used today. The other one is similar, but uses the forearms. It is called the Forearm Forklift. It's a cheesy commercial on the site, but it makes me want to buy one just to see if my son and I can really move our spinet piano with them.


Christine said...

That does look slick. I am tempted! I could have used that a couple of weeks ago.

amanda said...

my dad has a forearm forklift, but i'm not sure what he has used it to move. i think he likes it.