Saturday, February 20, 2010

7 minutes.

I have seven minutes to write a blog. Oh, wait. Now I only have six. It's a beautiful day and I have a little bit of spring fever. I so hope the weather is like this when I have my 2 off, 1 on, 6 off week. It will be 8 days off with one work day stuck in there because my days off changed after I already asked for a vacation. I added one day to give myself the 6 days but didn't want to add two days to give myself 9 days. I'm trying to save up so I can take a trip to Saskatchewan later this summer.
It is just gorgeous out right now. Sunny and fairly warm.
I didn't get to work outside today, though, because I had to take Tony to the Greyhound station to catch his bus, and then mom and I went and had lunch.
I have two minutes left.
How about a random picture? How about three? Did I ever show you these?

The first two are my mom with a polar bear. He's fake, of course. Remember Grr and Ginger? Two of the little terrorists aka our kittens? Well, this polar bear lives in their new home with them. Their new owners had quite the home. I super enjoyed visiting with her when we took the kitties. I think mom and I were there over an hour.

This is a stump. It looks like a mushroom to me. The owner told me they just stuck that roof there to keep it off the ground. I told her they should leave it because it makes a cute little mushroom in their forest.

Well, that's all I have and I'm six minutes into my "get ready" time, so I better go!


mental mosaic said...

You've been busy! I have, too, but have not been blogging, as you have probably noticed. Okey doke... That's it! I'm gonna get back into the blogging world, yesirree! ~Tui

Sue said...

Looking forward to that Saskatchewan visit!!!

The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, Tui...I seem to be addicted to daily blogging monthly. haha. I don't know why. I'll be looking forward to seeing more stuff on your blog.
Yes, Sue, I am too! Just trying to figure out when. Should I crash the reunion? or come before that? LOL.