Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Oh, for crying out loud!
So much for blogging every day. Of course, I already missed a day back in the beginning, so it really doesn't matter.
I don't mind and technically for me it is still Monday the 22nd because I just got home and haven't been to bed yet.
I was busy and wanted to leave for work early so I could take some pieces of miniature purple irises to a work friend. I did manage to get out of here early, dropped by the bank and headed to work. Just as I was leaving the bank I realized that I had forgotten to put the bags containing the rhizomes back in the car after vacuuming it yesterday. Oh well.
I'm looking forward to my days off. I'm hoping I can get more done outside and some stuff done in here, too. It's still too cold in the garage to even consider working out there. My hands cannot function anymore when they are as cold as they get when I'm out there.
Ok...tired of sitting. Going to lay down and check my games and get to sleep so I don't waste my day tomorrow (Tuesday) sleeping.
Lame blog. I don't care.


Christine said...

I thought today was Monday until you said it was Tuesday so I checked and sure enough, it is Tuesday!!! Sigh...
I need it to be only Monday.I have too much to do. I am trying to figure out where in the word Monday went and I seem to have no recollection of it at all.

Oh ya, now I remember. Had the counter tops put in and the room stank and all that, then went to John's moms for Zomma borscht. Sometimes I think I am losing it.

The Invisible Mo said...

Sometimes I KNOW that I'm losing it. My brain is a lot more like a sieve now than it ever was. It's no longer airtight, that's for sure! haha.