Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back to the books.

How can this be "Everybody's Complete Encyclopedia" ? It is approximately 5.5 inches by 7 inches and maybe 1.5 inches thick. Not very big to be a complete encyclopedia when you consider that most encyclopedias take up more than a whole bookshelf. I think even in 1937 and 1940 they had to have more information than this book could hold. So, of course, I had to buy it when I saw it. It's one of my favorite books just for the title alone.

The March of Events is a list in the front of the book that lists a few of the key things included in the book and shows the common abbreviations used. It's actually chock full of information that might have been useful at the time of printing. Of course, a lot of the information shown in this book is now obsolete. It is a great time capsule, though!

And now...I'm off to work. Going to pull a double shift today!


Christine said...

They had to abbreviate so much to try to cram everything into the book. Hilarious!

Becky said...

LOL. I want to read it.

The Invisible Mo said...

I can bring it along. It's small.