Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It's that time of day again.

Pillow fort.

I decided this year I would do all my NaBloPoMo posts around 1pm each day. I chose that time because it is often the time I come in from doing things in the garage or around the house and yard. I come in at that time because I know I have to get ready for work at two and I simply can't get ready for work without first checking on the internet. This is a serious addiction, folks, and I must have my fix.
Writing my blog at this time is a no-brainer. If I try to write it at night when I get home from work I will fall asleep after approximately 2/3 of a sentence. This has been stringently and scientifically proven. Trust me. If I try to write it in the morning when I first get on the computer I will fall asleep after approximately 3 sentences. Again...scientifically proven using the law of averages. Therefore the official time for writing my blog is between 1 and 2 pm PST. I figure even on my days off this is a great time for a break in activity. I'm sure you are all extremely happy to know this important information. Now...on to today's blog!

My youngest son turned 21 today! That's pretty much all I planned to say today. He can now legally buy alcohol and come visit me at work. Other than that, life is not much different. So to amuse you here are some pictures of the boy who always has marched to the beat of a different drum even though the instruments he played were piano, sax, clarinet and guitar.

I couldn't decide which pictures so here are a lot of pictures in no particular order!
Happy Birthday, Jeren!

Only the coolest people wear two pair of sunglasses.


Why we used to call him "Back to the Future" boy!

Pacifying Trenton on the trampoline.

Footprints in the sand.

At Mount Rushmore.

Holding Trenton in the hospital.

Love this photo! poor quality and all.


What's your problem?

He always used his binkies upside down. Don't tell him I put this one on here.

Box fort.


Serious reading.

We used to spend every summer eating at this park.

Love this little face!


Becky said...

LOL @ Back To The Future Boy and Upside Down Binky on the Potty Boy!

Crystal said...

Too precious! It is so neat to watch kids grow up in pictures! :)

The Invisible Mo said... of my favorites, too.

@Crystal...thanks. I had seven kids, too! It's fun, don't you think?