Friday, November 27, 2009

Emergency Room

I decided to replace my planned blog with this blog due to the fact that I spent the night at the hospital with my sister because she broke her wrist in a fall at her job. I didn't get to bed until 8am and didn't want to do a blog where I really had to think and compose. So here is a nice little visit to the emergency room. I found some neat things to photograph while waiting around. So without further ado...

A Visit to the Emergency Room

First wrap.

Final wrap.

All done and all slung up. Waiting for discharge.

Handy new arm rest.

I love that he keeps his clamp handy hanging on the
outside of his shirt.

We were in 3B. They brought the x-ray machine right
to the room.

And, in no particular order, here are some of the things I found
to photograph.


Christine said...

Becky and I both think you are one odd cookie, one strange kind of a nut. LOL I do understand how boring the emergency room is but seriously, kidney basins? the curtains?? Hahahaha1 You crack me up.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...I was having fun! Those are only the ones I posted here. I have more. Wanna see em?

Trav said...

my favorite is the crash cart. i chuckled.

Sue said...

What an interesting way to spend time at the emergency! Very funny!

The Invisible Mo said...

@Travis...I loved that, too.
@Sue...Yeah...we were there for four hours. It was a long night with a lot of waiting. Overdoses, car wrecks and heart attacks take precedence over a simple broken wrist. The staff was wonderful, though.

Cindi said...

I love all the pictures! I made Trevor take a similar picture when we had Tristan. I'll try and find it and post it on my blog.

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Cindi. I will watch for it.