Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh, that's right. It's Thursday.

I almost forgot that I hadn't written my blog today. It was a little bit of a weird day. I'm sure my day will make everyone else's boring days seem interesting. I spent most of mine in the car going after an extra-long twin mattress for Jeren. I'm going to bullet list the key points because the long version was getting too long.
  • Got up way early like always to take boys to work.  (About an hour in the car.)
  • Back home checked on cafe. (Thanks to my wonderful friends who got me started on this.)
  • Fell asleep at computer instead of getting directions to destination and studying them like I usually do.
  • Keri phoned and woke me up. Good thing because my food needed to be served at the cafe.
  • Putzed around and got nothing done.
  • Got in shower, got ready, found keys, found phone, put directions in phone, got in car at approximately 11:15am.
  • Drove to Safeway to go pay David's bill as a favor to him and drop magazines from Craig's list  in recycle bin. (It was one of those things, where in order to get what I wanted, I had to take things I didn't want.)
  • Man ahead of me in line at City Light Kiosk paid his bill mostly in one dollar bills. Took over ten minutes. Argghhh.
  • Dropped magazines at recycle bin, realized I didn't have phone.
  • Went back home, got phone, phoned to let the guy know I was late, headed out.
  • Left in time to get there by one instead of the planned "noonish".
  • Yeah...405 was the pits.
  • Bad mistake in getting directions on Mapquest without really looking at the topography or studying the route. First time I ever got lost going on a Craig's list run.
  • He phoned to let me know he wrapped it in plastic so he could leave it outside in case he wasn't there when I arrived since he had an appointment at 1:30.
  • Arriving would have been nice, but it was not in the cards. 
  • Asking for directions (x4) doesn't work if no one knows the answer and each time they send you back the way you came so you drive around in circles all day.
  • Driving in circles would have been more fun if I had already picked up the mattress and could take my time just looking around and using my camera.
  • Jeremy was due back at 2:30 and I was still driving in circles so he phoned me. I was sitting at Bear Creek after finally deciding to use my "Navigator" on Verizon. He phoned right  after I pushed the button to agree to the one time charge of 2.99. Haha...laughs on me.
  • Drove straight to his house with his easy directions.
  • Picked up mattress and headed out with the intention of still going on a short little photo shoot back at Bear Creek. 
  • Managed to get completely turned around in my head and didn't go anywhere near Bear Creek.
  • Needed gas and a bathroom, so sought those out. Drove in circles some more just for added fun while needing to pee badly.
  • Found gas and a bathroom and finally turned on Navigator to get to freeway because it was too late to go shooting and didn't want to hit southbound slowdowns. I guess it was worth the 2.99 to find out I was only two blocks from the freeway.
  • Yeah...405 is the pits. Drove very slowly the whole 25 miles until I got to 167.
  • 167 was pretty good. Only one little slow down. By this time I had been in the car for almost five hours except for the stops at Safeway, recycling bin, gas stations to ask for directions, potty time and getting a bite (hot dog) to eat and actually picking up the mattress. A total of 8 little pit stops <5 minutes each and the rest of the time I was sitting in my car driving around aimlessly (apparently) . haha.
  • Traffic slowed down getting on 512, but only for a short time. Straight to Jeren's work to get him, one more little stop at Simon's and home again, home again, jiggety jig at approximately 5:30pm. 
  • Whatever. At least I had plenty of time to myself.


Sue said...

Wow what a day you had. I guess it's OK if you needed time to yourself.

Christine said...

That is hilarious. I wish I had been along on the trip. The only thing that would have been hard was the lack of potty stops. We would have been in trouble cause if either would have made the other laugh....

The Invisible Mo said...

@Sue...I always love time to myself, but I really did try hard to get a victim, errr....rider, to go with me. would have been fun and I'm sure we would have been laughing at the whole going around in circles thing. Maybe that's why MEN won't ask for directions. Maybe they knew that already, lol.