Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is not really a post as concerns NaBloPoMo.
This post is informational.
Recently I have gotten some unsettling comments on an old post. (Surprise Guest, Sept.)
I have deleted them, only to find they came back. They are not even really comments, just links to a bunch of adult sites. I don't understand people. And why on that blog? Who knows? The weird part is that they are not even in English, but in Russian? or ?
At any rate, I do not want to delete the blog, so I have enabled comment moderation on posts older than 5 days on "World of Words". Since most of you who comment usually do so within a day or two it shouldn't affect most of you. If you want to comment on any blogs older than five days it will simply tell you that the comment has to be approved before it is posted.
This is not because of any comments I have gotten from friends and family and even strangers who have sincerely commented on my blogs.
It is just a step I am taking to try and circumvent the idiots who find fun in stupidity. Since all the spam has only gone to that one blog I am hoping it will lay it to rest. If not I will step up my security another notch.
Thanks for understanding.

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Becky said...

Dad's blog and one of my posts has been getting a lot too, which is why I JUST ADDED VERIFICATION TOO! We're samers!