Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's Thursday.

I must write a blog today, but have no ideas running through my brain. I am too hot, too full, too tired, too bloated-feeling, too restless and way too brain-dead. I seriously thought about doing a Thursday Thirteen. They used to be nice no-brainers for Thursday, but apparently the old site no longer exists and the new site looked like way too much effort. In addition to which I would have to come up with thirteen of something.
It's a beautiful, rainy day here in Washington. My tiredness makes me want to curl up with a blanket and sleep, but my urge to get the living room painted and my floor down before the end of the month makes me want to get busy. So I've been being half busy and half lazy. The spaghetti I made last night was sooooo good and I think I ate too much for lunch. Usually on my days off I get so busy I forget to eat and get going on wired energy and get a lot done until I get the shakes. When I eat it's hard to stay motivated, even if I eat light. I just want to sleep. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my constant sleep deprivation.
So, let me ask you this. Do you think I'm crazy because I want to take pictures of the stars? Here are my latest attempts. Naturally I didn't bother with the tripod. They wouldn't be very interesting, anyway, if I had been able to hold the camera steady. I can't remember what the last one is. Maybe the neighbor's porch light? Hmmm...don't know. 18x zoom can catch the moon, but it can't catch the stars. I'm already looking for my next camera on my climb up to a digital SLR. In the meantime I am going to figure out what is the strength of the biggest zoom lens a person can buy and how many millions of dollars I will need to start saving in order to obtain it. (sigh)


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Christine said...

I cleaned the fridge. That was a massive amount of work. I got rid of the old condiment collection. I feel very pleased with myself. :)

The Invisible Mo said...

Yes, cleaning the fridge is always both interesting and a lot of work.
I got the bed in the store room made so I can sleep there tonight, but still haven't taken my bed apart. I did a little in the sewing room, a little in the bathroom, a little in the living room and some done in the kitchen. I got a lot done on the computer, too, haha. I have to go buy lights so I can work in the garage. Big Lots didn't have what I need and I didn't feel like stopping anywhere else. After this break I'm going to sweep and mop and then finish getting my temporary bedroom ready.