Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let's get reading.

Today's presentation is an old reading primer that was well-used and actually has pages missing, but my favorite part about this book is that "Sally loves Ike."

Here we see that the book belongs to (or is being used by) Sally S.

And, if Sally were old enough to vote, she would be voting for Ike.

I'm sure Sally's little sibling must have donated this "drawing" on the page.

Sally clearly seems to enjoy writing in her books.
There are several pages like this where she underlines
or writes in pencil what's on the page.

And in case you want to know why Sally is
voting for Ike...here it is in black and white!


Becky said...

Love it.

mental mosaic said...

I wonder if Sally merely likes Ike, or if she like-likes him, y'know? I have a feeling she was writing with a large lead pencil, don't you?

I found your blog via NaBloPomo. Looks fun here! I will be back. :)

Nice to meet you!

The Invisible Mo said...
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The Invisible Mo said...

LOL @Tui. The pencil thing seems about right, lol. I think most young girls had a crush on Ike during that period of time. I was still a little too young.
Thanks for visiting and commenting. I stopped by your blog and enjoyed your pictures and ramblings. Nice to meet you, also!
I can't figure out how to follow on your blog. Do you have a follow feature?