Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mandy. (not a vicious dog)

Somebody saw this picture of my dog and wanted to know whose vicious dog this was. Haha. I, of course, laughed and explained the not-so-obvious. This is my dog's smile. This is her very best "PLEASE, Please, please pet me" face. I have told her I kind of think it puts people off when she "smiles" and barks and snarls viciously when asking for a treat or a petting, but apparently she just doesn't get it.

Once she gets some attention she relaxes a little and looks a little less like she is going to take your whole arm and use it for a chew bone.

If you come up and talk to her she will put on her very best beseeching face that says, "Please let me out so I can romp with you. Please?!"

Her very favorite thing is getting treats. Here my grandson is offering her a cheerio.

Mandy decided, "What the heck. Who wants one Cheerio, when I can have them all?" and chose to take the whole cup from him. This amused Logan until he realized he couldn't get in to share with her.

And because I can't figure out why it won't upload from my Flickr account here are links to my two favorite pictures of Mandy.




Becky said...

Um. LOL. I'm taking it from your comment on facebook that I have to comment on every single post now? I read it! I laughed!

So here's my comment:


The Invisible Mo said...

Um...no. Otherwise I would have to change my header where it says, "comments optional". Must have been a needy moment. haha.
I just wanted to be sure you saw it! I posted it for Angela. LOL.

Toad said...

I honestly i'm not sure what i'm going to do when i meet this dog.

The Invisible Mo said...

You can avoid her altogether by coming in the front door. She will bark is she realizes a stranger is here, but will be quiet once we are inside and you never have to use the back door. Honest.