Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playing with my macro settings.

I really can't think of anything today that is interesting, earth-shaking or funny. I'm really looking forward to my 8 days off coming up starting next week. I'm hoping it will rejuvenate my brain a little, not to mention give me lots of time to get some things done. I could go a lot faster on projects if I could just quit changing my mind.
Anyway, today's offering is some of my flower (weed) macro shots from October. I hope you enjoy them. They are pretty much as I took them except for some cropping and straightening.


Sue said...

amazing pictures. I hope you have a great time on your days off.

Becky said...

I love macro setting. Those pics are awesome. I especially love the one second from the bottom and the berries.

Christine said...

I want a new camera. Just think of the fantastic shots I could get. I wonder what dog drool looks like macro?

The Invisible Mo said...

@Sue, thanks.
@Becky. I love playing with the macro, too. Thanks.
@Chris, Dog drool would look great on macro. My daughter's photographer is who recommended my Fujifilm to me. He recommended the s1000. I only paid 157 for it and it was great with a 12x zoom. I got some good pics with it, but then I dropped it and the little door wouldn't stay shut which drove me nuts. I gave it to my daughter and got my newer one, the s8100, which has 18x zoom. They are point and shoot cameras with the feel of a DSLR. You can choose automatic, preset or completely manual settings. I paid 204 for the 18x zoom one.