Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The choke hold and other favorites.

Here are some of my favorite, however-not-that-great photos.
I have a lot of these. We seem to like the choke hold for getting children to hold still for photos in our family.

Here you have Jeren holding Isaac.

Isaac is a fast learner and immediately tries this technique on his cousin, Mikaila.

Rhyan using the technique on Mikaila the previous year.

Mikaila using a modified version on Trenton.

David trying hard to keep me from using the technique.
In the process he uses the technique on himself. haha.

And here are a few more of my favorite less than photogenic moments.
I love these.

Trenton squinting at the camera.

Isaac holding the snot away from his lip.

One of my all time favorite pictures. This is a picture
of Alex and Derrick wrestling. Where are they? I don't know.
They were there when I started the picture, but in the
old days of digital there was this time-lapse between pushing the
shutter button and it taking the picture.

One year we made feather masks while we were down in Stockton
visiting Keri and the kids. If Rhyan looks like she is unhappy,
it is only because she is. She hated our last day there every time
we came and went.

I love this picture of Isaac helping Jeren to carry his door
back. When Jeren was little he couldn't stand the door shut.
I just took it off and got it out of the way. Now he can't stand
his door open. Thank Goodness. His room is awful.

And there you have it. A nice little medley for my NaBloPoMo day 18, which also happens to be my granddaughter, Mikaila's 14th birthday. I love and miss you Mikaila, in case you happen to be able to see this.


Becky said...

LOVE the choke hold.

Sue said...

Looks like the choke hold is a family thing.

My favorite picture is of the guys wrestling on the grass. I have a few pictures like that too.

The Invisible Mo said...

Yeah, Sue, that's one of my all time favorite pictures. I think it's because I know it's a picture of Derrick and Alex wrestling even though they aren't in it anymore.

mental mosaic said...

That's too funny about the choke hold theme! Cute pix. :) I know what you mean about loving less than perfect photos. I have a lot of photos like that, too.

The Invisible Mo said...

@mental should do a blog with them. I would read it.