Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo editing software.

I took these photos of my daughter's family last year and decided I wanted to take the background out of them. I tried a couple of different features on my photo program. The first one was to "erase" the background.

Here is the original:

Here is my "erased" copy. Obviously, I need a lot more work and finesse to use this feature. Or maybe less things to erase. I'm not steady enough, I think.

The second method was to use the cloning tool, in which you "clone" different parts of the original to fill over the background you didn't want. The original picture had a bookcase, boxes, the birdcages, and stuff sitting by the door. I need more practice at this one, too, but it was fun playing with it.

The twin on the left doesn't really have curly hair, but I cloned her hair from either Rhyan or Isaac, I can't remember. I used the edge of the table to make the floor trim between the wall and the rug. I used a "cutout" plant to put on the table. It's not bad for a first try.


Christine said...

Interesting. I would like Photo Shop but is too much money for as little as I would use it.

The Invisible Mo said...

I don't have Photo Shop. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. It's very similar, but reasonably priced. I think I paid around 50 dollars for it. Another nice one with fewer features is Jasc Photo Album. It was only 30 dollars. It doesn't have as much stuff in it, but it is much easier to use and load.

Sue said...

Looks like fun!
I may have to try one of those cheaper ones too.

Nice looking family!

The Invisible Mo said...

Thanks, Sue. I need to play with it more. It has a lot of features I haven't even looked at yet.
Thanks. It's one of those blended families. I don't envy my daughter having 4 teenaged girls, though! haha