Sunday, November 01, 2009


In the old days, before there were home computers, I used to have loads of time. I was a stay at home mom and I had HOBBIES. By hobbies, I mean real hobbies like oil painting, sewing, making stained glass pieces and making little tiny things out of fimo clay. I have a whole gallery of tiny little fruits and veggies, bowls, vases, cups, plates, etc. I planned on someday making myself one of those really nice dollhouses and using my little fimo pieces as furnishings. I still have boxes and boxes of do-it-yourself doll house furniture in the garage to put together just for that elusive doll house that I never got.
Well, actually I got one and it was already put together. It just needed to be finished. (much like my real house, haha). However, the siding had been put on upside down by the first owner/builder. I thought everyone knew that siding overlaps from the top so as to keep the rain from getting in between, but apparently some people don't. I tried for years to pretend it was on correctly, but my perfectionism just wouldn't accept it and finally I gave it away. So now I have boxes of dollhouse furniture to be built for a dollhouse I don't have. It's ok. Maybe someday I will get one.
In the meantime, they invented and supplied the world with home computers. Home computers are wonderful, but they sure do suck the time away. I find myself with one hobby now, and that is falling asleep while playing, working and browsing on my computer. I'm going to work on that, though, and try to get back into accomplishing some other things with my time. Wish me luck. My first step in doing that is to clean out my garage from top to bottom so that I can put a studio in the attic. Yay! A studio is a good step toward making hobbies happen. So wish me luck on that, too!
Today was spent putting down gravel at the gate area of the dog's yard. That in itself felt like a great accomplishment. Tomorrow I will get back up in the attic and throw, throw, throw stuff out the window so we can take it to the dump. Fun times!
I will leave you with and idea of just how much free time I actually had before computers. Here are two of my Fimo creations from way back when.

This is a model I made of my son, David, when he was a baby. I love this little guy because he really reminds me of David.

This is a little gingerbread house. I made this and the model of David in 1983 so they have discolored just a little, but they are still in pretty good shape. There used to be a tiny little snowman in the yard. He was an eighth of an inch high and even had a tiny little carrot nose, but he broke off one time when I dropped it and I never found him. I used toothpicks to help create the detail. I used to love working with Fimo clay. You just create and then bake.


Christine said...

Man...I need to get to work! I have all kinds of hobby stuff on the go except it is not really going anywhere! I am so unmotivated. Anybody want to come over here and kick me in the ass?

Becky said...


(I can't believe you said ass. I'll bet you thought I'd never find out because I never come to this blog. But here I am. And here you are. Swearing like a sailor.)

Hi Sheila.

Is this the blog you write most often on? I should change my link in my blogroll if it is...

The Invisible Mo said...

Hahaha, Christine! You got caught saying a$$. LOL. Want me to tell you when I started buying those furniture kits for the dollhouse? Let's just say I don't call myself the Queen of Procrastination for nothing.
Hi Becky. This was my original blogspot blog. Then I joined the Blog 365 and started the "Fire and Ice" one. Then I started going back and forth. I should probably drop one or the other, but it would require going back and reading blogs to see if there is anything I want to 'save'. So I just sort of take turns on them. This will be my Nablopomo blog for this year.