Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can Colander.

I don't know why but this amused me. I think it was that they called it a colander instead of a strainer, even though those terms are interchangeable.
Either way, I just had to have it, although I haven't used it yet, because I use very little canned food.
I have used tuna since I got it, but it seemed easier to use the can lid and then I don't have to clean the tuna out of all those tiny little holes.
Don't ask me what I paid for it. I haven't got a clue.


Becky said...

LOL. It's dishwasher safe! I'm sure the dishwasher could get the hunks of tuna out of it.

(If you were my mom, I'd make fun of you for buying this. But you're not. So... That looks totally useful! I know you're going to get tons of use out of it! It would be awesome for pineapple!! Hee hee hee!)

Sue said...

It seemed like a good idea at the time?
I would have bought it too. Looks like a great stocking stuffer!

The Invisible Mo said...

Yeah, well, I live in the dark ages and don't have a dishwasher, smartypants! Well, I did have a dishwasher, but I have a tendency to give them away. I think over time I have given six of them away. I love washing dishes. By hand. Although I have been thinking of getting another dishwasher. Maybe. I can't decide.
You can make fun of me for buying this. I will probably actually never use it, LOL. However, if my son remembers I bought it or comes across it in the drawer, I can bet he will open a can (if he can find one) just to use it.

mental mosaic said...

Maybe you could use it for tuna?

The colander/strainer conundrum has me scratching my head, too. Colander sounds more distinguished, somehow.

I am the same way as you when it comes to doing the dishes by hand! I find it really meditative. It's good think-time for me, and I like getting my hands wet. Any excuse to splash around in the water!

Hey, there's something to blog about when we are feeling stuck: the fact that we actually enjoy doing dishes by hand! :)

The Invisible Mo said...

@mentalmosaic...Yes, you understand totally. My girlfriend always likes to point out that SHE does her dishes at night. SHE can't stand waking up to a "dirty" kitchen, but she just doesn't get it. I love to do my dishes in the morning while my coffee cooks. The kitchen isn't dirty, just the dishes, and I love the solitude of standing there looking out the window, washing the dishes and waiting for the coffee. No one bothers you when you are doing the dishes. They are too afraid you might make them help, haha.
And don't worry...I love my friend. But she really just doesn't get it. To her dishes is just a chore. To's definitely not a chore