Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Things on my mind.

1. I forgot how much fun Farm Town is because you can actually visit with people while you work on their farms. It also doesn't have a million things to post out to the Facebook page. I like the improvements they've made. I'm enjoying the production facilities. I've been working hard to up my level so I can buy my second farm. I've gone 4 levels in about the same amount of days. I should be able to go three more in the next few days, since I'm taking a couple extra days off.

2. I wish another job would fall magically into my lap. I miss the days when jobs found me and I didn't have to go find them.

3. I wish even more that I could just retire right now.

4. I wish the retirement community that I want to move to in a few years was not in Federal Way. Yes, there are others. But, the one in Federal Way is the best I've found, for what I want.

5. I'm tired.

6. I need food, but feel too lazy to actually go get some.

7. I need coffee, but again...

8. I guess I really don't NEED coffee. I want coffee.

9. I hate sleeping in so long. It annoys me to have half my day gone when I get up.

10. Ok...going to go make some food and get some coffee.

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