Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yay...bigger is better!

Look what I did.

It's dark in the corner, but you get the idea.

Enjoying their new digs!

A friend gave me a box of cages. There were three cages in there and the only thing missing was the top to one of them. I took two of them and wired them together by removing the middle top wall of each cage top. Then I wired the bottoms together. It makes one really nice sized big cage and all three birds can be in there together. I wasn't sure about putting the parakeet in with the cockatiels at first, but they are doing just fine. They have been together for a long time, but the parakeet always had his own space. I love the fact that the cage looks much neater, now. The other two cages didn't match at all.

I was going to take some pics of them while I was taking pics of the cage, but they kept running from the camera. Scaredy birds! ha ha.

Run. Save yourself.

Running from the evil camera.

Trying to hide from the evil camera.

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Christine said...

The cage looks great. You saved yourself a pile of money as those big cages are very expensive. Funny birds.