Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

My blogs seem to be picture heavy, lately. It could be because I'm spending so much time with my photos lately in an effort to get them organized, labeled, tagged, and edited. It could also be that I'm just feeling a little lazy about writing. If a picture says a thousand words, then I'm doing some pretty long essays here. I will put the short version above each photo.
These are all from when we used to do Easter in California. Oh wait! The first two pics are from up here in Washington.

Gotta love eggs colored by children!

I don't know which expression sums this picture up!

Gotta love the squinty face!

Like any hunter, Jeren is proud of his catch!

Power to the almighty EGG!

Another expression essay. Is she smiling or plotting?
Is the other one frowning or squinting?
Only the hairdresser knows for sure! haha.

Showing Isaac how to hunt for eggs.

Helping Mikaila and AJ hunt for eggs.

Rhyan finds an egg!

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