Sunday, April 11, 2010

On being a great-grandma...

I took a couple of days off so I could attend a baby shower today. It was for my granddaughter, Rachel, who is having her second little girl. This will be my third great-grandchild! So exciting!

Technically speaking, I am not really related to Rachel, her sister, Robyn, and their mom, Lisa. Lisa was my stepdaughter when I was married to her dad, who is also my son Jeren's dad. She is Jeren's oldest sibling and therefore, Jeren's nieces, Rachel and Robyn, are pretty close in age to Jeren. Rachel is two years older and Robyn is three months younger than he is.

Lisa and I have always considered each other to be family and that's good enough for me. I took Nikki and Daelin along with me to the shower and they were so happy to see their Uncle David's baby! We had a good time and I got some pictures of my great-granddaughters and one of Daelin laughing at me.

Sahara in the swing.

Taylor, future driver!~

Lisa helping Taylor open her gift.

Lisa and Sahara.

Daelin laughing at Grandma.

It was a fun day. After the shower I took David and Nikki to the mall and Daelin and I went to Cheryl's for dinner and a visit. We didn't mean to go for dinner, but Cheryl was cooking when I phoned her. Dinner was delicious. (Cheryl is an excellent cook!) (and I'm not saying that just because she reads my blog, either!) ha ha.

It was a really nice visit, in which we both enjoyed spending time with the baby and just visiting. Normally, we like to go to breakfast on Saturday mornings and visit, but things have been busy for both of us lately. For you Canadian friends I can just say, "reno's". We all know what reno's do to our lives! Cheryl's reno's are way more extensive than mine, but still, it's a disruption either way!

Such a nice relaxing day. I really need to come out of my shell, more. I had so much fun today!

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