Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's easy to make jokes about Alzheimer's, especially when my memory is playing tricks on me, and I can't even find my purse while it's hanging on my shoulder. I do sometimes worry about it, though, when my brain gets a little foggy. There are little things, like the day I was trying to write the word purse and kept writing purche, instead. It's not like I don't know the word. But three times I tried to write it right and it came out wrong. It's a little scary sometimes, even though I joke about it.
Joking aside, it is a serious illness and one usually reserved for those senior years of our lives. That's why I find this to be one of the saddest stories I've seen in a long time. It just seems unfathomable. I can't imagine how it must feel to be her husband to have to "lose" her while still having her there and to be having to take care of both her and a new baby. I'm glad to see that the baby has not inherited the gene. My heart goes out to her husband, though, who now has a wife and child who both need his care around the clock. I find it incomprehensible that she was denied disability for this. They are, however, setting up fundraisers to help with the costs he is going to incur. He seems to work for a truly caring boss.
I sure do wonder about the future for them. It is no easy feat taking care of someone with Alzheimer's and she is very young, so if the rest of her health remains good it will be a long, long road ahead. I'm sure he will get help, but how sad for both of them.
I don't really have an ending for this blog. This article has just been on my mind since I first read it.

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