Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why complain when you have choices?

I don't understand the complaining that people do when they have other choices that would solve whatever issue it is that they are complaining about.
Our break room food isn't always the best. Sometimes the choices are just not things I like and sometimes the presentation is less than great and sometimes it's just too salty, too dry, too spicy...I could go on, but I won't. People are constantly talking about how "icky" it is and how it makes them sick and how this and how that. So, here's a thought...bring a lunch! Easy fix. But no, they won't bring a lunch because they would rather sit and complain. I just don't get it and I want to lob the "lousy" food at their heads!
First of all, the break room always have bread and fillings available to make sandwiches. They always have soup. They always have dry cereal and oatmeal packets and ramen soup cups.
Second of all, they are constantly berating the poor folks who work our employee dining room and that really annoys me because they treat them like they are lesser folk. They are just doing their job to the best of their ability, just like the rest of us and they don't cook the food. They just serve it.

We have a medical plan that includes Group Health or you can use what they call the Group Health options plan. With the options you can pick any medical provider you choose. You are not STUCK with a GH doctor. But I've been with Group Health for over 30 years and always had good care. In those 30 years I've had exactly ONE incident that caused me to complain and it was not about my actual care. I get so tired of people going on and on and on about it and calling it "Group Death". I just want to say, "Grow up and get a life!" No one is forcing you to go there. You have a choice and if it's that "BAD" then pay a little more and make the choice. Stop whining because you don't like the care you get and get care you like. No doctor is perfect, they all are human just like we are. Doctor Welby only exists on television. Real doctors are busy folks and sometimes have bad days just like we do.

Ok...done ranting now.

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Ronica said...

I would have to agree with you "Invisible Mo". I kept thinking to myself how can I change to make the situation better and there was always a solution before every negative thought I had...We all need to vent but chronic complaining is not okay. Pick your mouth off of the floor and get your buns in gear. Do something about it. I mean I hated my old job but instead of complaining I found the door and a better opportunity. People today forget they have CHOICES...#1 Change your attitude and make the best of it.
#2 Get yourself out of the situation.
And that be ALL my friend.