Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big stash

This is what is on my walls in the room in which I'm sleeping these days. I used to have about double this amount of fabric, but I went through and got rid of things that I no longer wanted, needed or if it was something I thought I would never use. This is actually not ALL of my fabric. I have a separate four shelf unit that holds all the flannels. These two walls were much more organized before my son stayed in this room. I used to have the stripes all together and the plaids all together and the checks all together within each type. Actually, all my ginghams are still together. You just can't see it in this picture. OCD works for some things pretty well! ha ha.
After I paint in there I am going to reorganize it and put the stripes, plaids and checks all back together again! (Maybe by color, ha ha).I can take another picture if any one is interested.

My knits, fleece, fur and robe material.

My home dec, velveteen, corduroy, denim, cottons and cotton blends.

Time management is important. I don't sew because I always have too many "other things" to do. I want to sew, but every time I go in the sewing room I see some other things I wanted to finish up first. This means I need to go back to scheduled sewing time. And, when I go into the sewing room, I need to put blinders on and know that the other things in there will get done in due time. Or maybe not, but part of killing procrastination is learning to do the task at hand. NOW! So I'm going to work on that. I'm going back to making an exclusive time for sewing. And in that time I am going to SEW ONLY. Wish me luck. I have lots of things I want done and out of my sewing basket(s).


Christine said...

That is one big stash of fabric. It puts John's moms stash to shame. I thought she had a lot. I could collect yarn if I let myself do that. I just like it.

Christine said...

I am probably repeating myself. I thought the first comment did not publish because it did not appear right away as it used to. I need to do this on my blog now as I am getting a lot of weird spam.

The Invisible Mo said...

I used to work at Joann's. I've sewn since I was 11.